Sign up to volunteer! 
We need a lot of volunteers at Landskappleiken in Gol, the more people we are gathering early, the better!

Everyone can help with something and we need help with small and bigger tasks. It can be preparing food, serving, cleaning, security, help rig the scenes, follow the participants to the scenes, help rig the camp, create activities for children, and a lot more.

Sign up to take part in a social and fun “Dugnad”.

You will get this for volunteering: 
Invitation for volunteering party
1 shift will give you one day pass
1 food ticket per shift
2 or more shifts gives you a full week pass including the opening concert and the “master” concert. (The exception is concerts during the event)

If you would want to volunteer, sign up in this form you will find under, and you will grant eventful days at Landskappleiken in Gol.

Responsible for volunteers at Landskappleiken 2024:
Gro Hagen Hallingstad